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Storybooks and ESL Textbooks for English as a Second Language Students

This website is for ESL Teachers who need ESL Instructional material for ESL Kids.

ESL Storybooks for Children

Our kids ESL storybooks feature exciting adventure stories to encourage children reading and comprehension of English as a second language.

Each Storybook set includes a Student Workbook and a Teacher’s Guide.

There are different activities in each workbook: the ESL Teacher has many activities to choose from.

You and your young students will will love our ESL Storybooks! Perfect for young learners to begin their English Language study.

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About our Children’s ESL Program

Our storybooks for children are appropriate for beginner students, interest level 6 to 12 years . These books have been developed in response to requests from organizations in several countries, and are in use in countries all over the world and in classrooms.


Children’s ESL TextbooksThis series teaches oral language, listening comprehension, rhyming, phonics, vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar. ESL Word Bingo Games These word bingo games are a fun activity for the esl classroom. The students listen to every word as they work to win the game.