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ESL Word Bingo Activities for ESL Students

These ESL Games for Kids are a great addition to ESL Classes! Word Bingo is an exciting and competitive group activity that encourages students to speak – students must listen to each word as it is called out, creating a positive learning environment.
Have the students play the same game a number of times until they can quickly match the words with their meanings.
ESL games for kids are a great help to the ESL Teacher when used during the last part of the class. During this low energy time, ESL games can motivate and encourage further learning as the students get involved and excited with the game. With young ESL students, games can sometimes be used to reward some boring, less popular work.

Try these ESL games for kids and Low Intermediate students. There are Ten games in each set with instructions on how to play, and a list of words with their definitions.
Print as many games as needed, and save money using the same grid more than once.
These ESL games for kids should be played numerous times to review and reinforce the student’s English skills.

Directions for Playing ESL Word Bingo
Before playing, the students are to match the meaning of the works then write the words from List One in the Bingo sqares. The students must write the words in different squares so that the cards are all different. The word meanings on List Two can then be called. Either the Teacher or a student can call out the words. The Teacher should take time throughout each game to help students with vocabulary. The games should be played a number of times, until the students have mastered all the words. A different colored marker or different symbol can be used on the cards with repeated games.
Students can use colored markers, or small objects such as stones or beans to mark the matching words. The goal is to get a straight vertical, horizontal or straight diagonal line from corner to corner. The center FREE box can be counted as part of a row.